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Why Surf Mould Pro?

Clinically known as Auditory Exostosis, Surfer's Ear is a serious medical condition with anyone

regularly entering the water being at risk. Left unchecked it can cause problems with blocked ears, reduced hearing, ear infection, pain and discharge with severe cases requiring ear surgery. 


Surf Mould Pro has been developed by health care professionals as a complete service offering  surfers and other water users the opportunity to find out about surfer's ear, get their ears checked and get fitted with the most advanced ear protection available. 



What is Surfer's Ear?

Repeated exposure to cold wind and water will damage your ears! The repeated cooling effect  stimulates bone growth in the structures surrounding the ear canal and develops as

lumps which protrude into the canal itself.

This is Surfer's Ear!

Severe cases can require surgical intervention undertaken by an Ear Nose and Throat specialist. The bony growths are removed by either drilling and/or chiseling the growths away. This is invasive surgery and can lead to permanent problems that will prevent some people from getting back in the water.

The best solution is prevention by keeping your ears warm with ear plugs, however many of these are poor fitting, uncomfortable, insecure and block your ears compromising your hearing and disconnecting you from your environment. 

Designed by healthcare professionals SURF|MOULD|PRO custom plugs offer the most advanced protection yet without compromising your hearing or your experience!

Diagram showing where exostosis occurs:

Clinical view of a normal ear canal and ear drum. Hover over to see the effect of Exostosis:

Check out this article from Magic Seaweed about this issues surrounding Surfer's Ear and current ear protection:



Owner Tom Brown, an experienced NHS Audiologist with an interest in all things sound related and connections to the Cornish surfing and sailing communities, has been looking for innovative ways of using his experience.

Having seen many cases of Auditory Exostosis (Surfer's Ear) first hand working in the ENT department at the Royal Cornwall Hospital and constantly hearing from patients and friends who surf that they don't wear earplugs because they are uncomfortable and block you hearing, Tom decided there must be a better solution. 

So after several years in development SURF|MOULD|PRO was born.


Surf Mould Pro

Designed by healthcare professionals SURF|MOULD|PRO is custom made by creating a 3D image of the ear canal and outer part of your ear. The most up to date 3D printing techniques then allow us to create the mould from clinically certified silicon. This provides the best fit possible offering maximum comfort, security and protection.

An innovative push fit acoustic filter is housed inside the mould which allows you to still hear and prevents your ears from feeling blocked. This makes SURF|MOULD|PRO the most advanced protection yet!


Testing and verification

The MOULDS have been put through both clinical and practical testing. 


In the lab we have undertaken "Real Ear Measurement" tests to look at how much the sound in the ear canal is attenuated by the moulds. The results showed attenuation of no more than 8 dB between 2 and 4 kHz


In the water we have many people now using  Surf Mould Pro including Pro Surfers, Surfing instructors and local surfers. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  One of our testers, Luke (pictured during acoustic testing) is an avid surfer who suffers from exostosis and working as an NHS Audiology Assistant he has been a a great test case.  Here is some of what he had to say:

"...these are the best plugs I've tried and I think I've tried everything! They are really comfortable and it's unreal how well you can hear through them! I can actually have a chat in the surf again.

Its as though your not wearing plugs at all and sometimes I have to check they are still in. They are awesome."



How it works

The mould has a large bore through its center to allow sound to pass through into the ear canal. The bore houses the innovative filter design which has an internal hydrophobic membrane. This membrane is designed to block wind and water but allow sound to pass through. This minimizes the acoustic affect of the mould allowing you to still hear and stay connected with your environment whilst protecting you from

the cooling effect of wind and water.



Go to the "Book Online" section and book yourself in to one of our regular weekend clinics in Newquay. Here you can have a free, no obligation ear health check where you can ask questions about your ear health, even have a look at the inside of your ear canals for yourself and find out if Surf Mould Pro is the right product for you.  If you can't make it to one of our clinics please get in touch so we can see how we can help you either by phone or a home visit (conditions apply).

Please note we are currently scheduling clinics for the Penzance area. If you are interested in a Penzance appointment, please contact Claire via the contact page below.

Step 1

Get your ears checked out

If you are keen to try Surf Mould Pro then we can take ear impressions after you ear check. This is a simple process that takes about 5 minutes and involves filling your ears with an impression silicon that will then be used to make your custom fitted moulds.  If you are not in the Cornwall area then please get in contact so we discuss the best option for getting your impressions done.

Step 2

Get Impressions of your ears

You will be able to make a selection from a range of bright (easy to see) colours for your moulds.  Payment will also be taken at the clinic and can be made by debit or credit card.  Your custom fit moulds will be ready in 7-10 days and we will let you know by text message when they are ready for collection.

Step 3

Select your colour and pay

Once your moulds have arrived we will let you know and arrange a time for you to collect them. We will spend time with you practicing getting the moulds in and out to make sure you are comfortable and ready to go.  If this won't work we can arrange alternative pickups or postage (for a small cost) but it is our preference to spend time together making sure the fit is just right.

Step 4

Collection and fitting

We really want to hear about your experience using the moulds and are here for any followup support or advice that you might need.

Step 5

Get in the water and keep in touch!

Surfer's Ear Check Appointment Booking


SURF MOULD PRO services and products:

Surfer's Ear check using video otoscopy - Free


The custom made ear moulds you can hear through (and the best investment you will make for your long term ear health) - £129 per pair

Cost includes impression taking and fitting session

Optional Extras and Costs:

Mould remake - £39 per mould

Replacement filters - £10 per pair

Tracked P&P in the UK  - £3.95

Tracked P&P internationally - £9.95

Home visit in Newquay area - £35 (this is 100% redeemable against the purchase of the moulds on the day, so the visit would then be free)

For visits or moulds needed outside of Newquay please get in contact so we can work out the best option of getting you fitted!


Newquay 07811 809504

Penzance 07969 530539