Coldwater surfers and saltwater enthusiasts have to keep their ears warm and dry in the ocean or else 'surfers ear' can be crippling in the long term. Wearing Surf Mould Pro+ protects your ears and ensures you can still talk to friends in the lineup, or hear the perfect tones inside a deep barrel - Team Rider Sam Bleakley

What is Surfer's ear?

Repeated exposure to cold wind and water will damage your ears! The repeated cooling effect stimulates the bone of the ear canal to develop multiple bony growths called Exostoses. It’s commonly known as Surfers ear but don’t be fooled by the name, it is a progressive medical condition affecting everyone regularly entering British waters - wind surfers, kite surfers, SUPers, sea swimmers, kayakers, bodyboarders.…..

Unchecked it can cause blocked ears, reduced hearing, infections and severe cases require invasive surgery.

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Why wear plugs?

An exostosis is caused by ​repeated exposure to cold water and wind. It is stimulated by temperatures as low as19°C i.e. all the waters around the British Isles, all year round!

It is 100% preventable by keeping the ear canal warm and dry. Short of staying out of the water, the best way to do this is to wear custom moulded ear plugs. Nearly all of our customers already have exostoses; by wearing our plugs, they are able stop it from progressing, avoid aggravating symptoms and prevent painful surgery. Yes, mass produced plugs do help but they do not give the same fit and protection as moulded plugs. 

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Why Surf Mould Pro?

Designed by healthcare professionals, Surf Mould Pro custom plugs offer the most advanced protection available and by wearing Surf Mould Pro+ you do not compromise your hearing. Attend one of our clinics and you will have your ears checked by an experienced audiologist who can show you first hand what's happening in your ear canal using video otoscopy.

Visit our team page to meet the people involved in developing our products and you will get some understanding of the hours of water time and product testing that have gone into creating what we confidently believe are the best ear plugs on the market.