Upcoming clinics and events


Upcoming dates and venues for our clinics can be found below.

Microsuction - Deemed by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) as the safest method of wax removal.  Performed by a Senior Audiologist with 20 years experience. We charge £15 (payable on booking) for a consultation and then an additional £20 per ear for treatment (payable on the day). 

If a repeat appointment is required due to the wax needing softening there will be no extra charge for a second visit.   


Surf Mould Pro -  We charge £20 (refundable against first order) for an appointment which takes up to 30 minutes; our audiologist will check both of your ear canals and show you what they have found using video otoscopy. If you decide to go ahead with ordering some of our plugs, we take payment and impressions of your ears which are then sent off for manufacture. We’ll contact you once they are ready (up to 3 weeks later). We like to give a 5 minute appointment when you collect your plugs to ensure they fit well and that you're confident about fitting them. It is possible however, to have them posted to you.

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