Penzance, Newquay & Bude

Wax removal by RCCP Registered Clinical Audiologists
with over 20 years health care experience

We know how important your hearing is and understand how distressing it can be when it's gone!

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At Surf Mould Pro (SMP) our preferred method of wax removal is micro-suction, recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence. 


The process is considered safer than syringing and involves gentle suction to extract wax.  It is not painful and is usually over within a very short time.  The aim of our experienced Clinical Audiologists is to get you hearing again as quickly and safely as possible.

We offer a clinical service in Penzance, Newquay and Bude.

Home visits are available in surrounding areas.

Visit  Book Online for a convenient date/location or call

Penzance 07969 530539 (Claire)

Newquay/Bude 07811 809504 (Julie)


Ear check: £15

Wax Removal (including check)  £35 one ear £50 both ears.

We do not charge for a follow up visit if the wax isn't cleared at the first appointment.

Home visits - available on request.

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What are the symptoms of earwax build-up?

- hearing loss

- earache or feeling that your ears are


- ringing or buzzing in your ears


- vertigo (feeling dizzy or sick)

- ear pain or a build of pressure

- water trapping 

What is ear wax and why do we get it?

Ear wax is produced by the ear to clean itself!  It's lines the ear canal and helps to protect it from infection and foreign bodies. Healthy ear wax migrates slowly along the ear canal.  The bright yellow wax you may see at the entrance of the ear canal is healthy and has completed it's journey.  It is not usually a sign of a problem. 

Unfortunately ear wax sometimes builds up excessively.  This can be because of excessive cleaning with cotton buds, otitis externa (dry skin) exostosis (surfer's ear) outer ear pathology or just a disposition to producing excessive wax.

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Why choose us?

Our RCCP Registered  Audiologists, Claire and Julie are fully qualified to provide Microsuction and have over 40 years health service experience between them.  They trained at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro and remained there for the majority of their careers as Senior Audiologists.


They continue to be regulated by the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists and maintain continued professional development. Wax removal is just one of their skills, their extensive Audiology background enables them to provide advice on all ear conditions, from complicated exostosis (surfer's ear) to perforations and cholesteatomas.

- Qualified, registered and insured Audiologists with experience in all ear aetiologies

- Experience in managing complicated ears, including, perforations, exostosis and cholesteatoma.

- Experience in paediatrics and adults

- Charges per ear and  no follow-up fee

Quality Care You Can Trust