We are a family business who are focussed on improving the health of ocean enthusiasts: education and prevention are our goals. The acoustic filter technology in our advanced plugs was originally developed by the company founder and colleague of Julie and Claire, Tom Brown. With Tom emigrating to New Zealand, Julie and Claire decided it was a great time to bring their extensive experience to a wider audience and extend Tom's great work.

Everyone below plays a role in developing our work. Between them, they have clocked up thousands of hours in the sea and with clients; their experience ensures you get the best products and service.



Senior Audiologist

Julie is from Newquay, Cornwall and has been an Audiologist since 2002. Her specialist interest is the onset of surfers ear in children and is working with other professionals to increase awareness and promote prevention, particularly within this age group. She would like to see ear protection become the norm, we slap on the sun cream we now need to pop in the plugs.



Senior Audiologist

Claire lives in West Cornwall and has over 20 years of experience in adult and paediatric audiology. She has advised on numerous cases of exostosis and has fitted countless pairs of ear plugs. Claire lives with a family of surfers, all of whom wear Surf Mould Pro plugs.



Team Rider

British & European Longboard Champion

WSL Commentator

"This is what we’ve all be hoping for – fitted plugs that you can hear through. Healthy ears means better surfing. And now I can finally hear the kids hooting when we surf together in the winter!" 

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Team Rider

British U14 Champion

Fynn is one of the increasing number of younger surfers we see with surfer's ear. With improved wetsuit technology, young people are able to spend extended periods in cold water. The risks to their hearing are very real and Fynn is helping us to spread the word to fellow frothing groms. 



Team Rider

Mike came to us after suffering increasingly regular bouts of ear pain and deafness. Mike had tried some other, off the peg ear plugs but found they leaked. Sure enough, we found well established exotoses in his ear canals. He is stoked to be using our plugs, to have some piece of mind and to limit the symptoms and advance of his exostoses.



Team Rider

Emily is an accomplished long and short boarder with success in the UK and Europe. She is a member of Team England's senior surf squad and a great advocate for protecting your ears.



Admin and Product Testing

Chris has been in and out of Cornish waters for most of his 49 years and has advanced exostoses in both ears because he didn't do what his mum told him when he was a kid. Back then protecting your ears meant plugs from boots that kept falling out or squidgy stuff for putting posters on walls that's really not great for your ears. Thanks to doing what his wife has been telling him to, he has managed to avoid painful surgery and still spends too many hours in the sea.



PR and Product Testing

Gav was bought up on Fistral beach. He has been in and out of the sea ever since. He is a committed triathlete and sea swimmer and has recently discovered he too has exostoses in both ears. He is now really happy to be protected and is spreading the word amongst the triathlon and sea swimming communities - Surfer's Ear, not just for surfers.