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Microsuction Ear Wax Removal
in Cornwall

We know how important your hearing is and understand it's distressing when it's gone.

The best quality treatment 

By experienced, regulated and insured Audiologists

At Surf|Mould|Pro our preferred method of wax removal is microsuction, as recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

The process is considered safer than irrigation (using water) and involves gentle suctioning to extract the wax. It is not painful and is usually over within a very short time. The aim of our experienced Clinical Audiologists is to get you hearing again as quickly and safely as possible.


Home visits are available throughout Cornwall and we offer a clinical service in Penzance, St IvesNewquay and Bude


Visit  our BOOK page to find a convenient date and location or call:


 📞 07969 530539 - Claire Penzance

 📞 07766 590729 - Becky St Ives

 📞 07811 809504 - Julie Newquay/Bude



We charge £35 for one ear / £50 for both ears. 


If no wax is present there will be a £20 consultation fee, which is payable on booking. 


We offer a discount for repeat customers.

We do not charge for a follow up visit if the wax isn't cleared at the first appointment.

Home visits - available on request, additional charges apply to cover fuel and extra time.


Paedatric Appointments

Our Audiologists, Claire, Julie and Becky offer microsuction for children.  However, it is noisy and can be unnerving for little ones.  We therefore ask if you feel your child would benefit from this procedure, but you are unsure if it is suitable, to please call for a free over the phone consultation.  A general 'rule of thumb' is children over the age of 8 years tolerate it well but we have seen much younger children. 

Our Audiologists have years of experience working with little ones at Treliske Hospital and have an in-depth knowledge of glue ear, congenital  and acquired hearing loss in children.

Very often, ear wax removal can offer a very easy solution to a hearing problem or reveal an underlying middle ear condition, like glue ear.

About Ear Wax 

Sign Language Communication

What is Ear Wax?

Ear wax is produced by the ear to clean itself!  It lines the ear canal and provides protection against infection and foreign bodies. 

Unfortunately, ear wax sometimes builds up and becomes troublesome.  The cause of this can be excessive cleaning with cotton buds, otitis externa (dry skin) exostosis (surfer's ear) outer ear pathology or just a disposition to producing excessive wax.


What are the symptoms?

  • hearing loss

  • earache 

  • blocked feeling

  • tinnitus

  • itchy ears

  • vertigo (feeling dizzy)

  • a feeling of pressure

  • pain

  • water trapping

Child Model

How to reduce excessive wax build up

Do not put anything in your ears to clean them.  This may push the wax further down the canal.  It will also remove 'good wax' and stimulate more wax production.

Try to keep you ears dry in the shower or bath.

Treat underlying ear conditions like otitis externa (dry skin)

Use olive oil drops (if no known perforations) once a week.

Our Audiologists

Claire, Julie and Becky are all fully qualified to provide Microsuction and each have over 20 years health service experience.  Both Claire and Julie trained at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro and remained there for the majority of their careers, working alongside ENT (Ear Nose and Throat). Becky also spent many years working at Truro Hospital.  They covered clinics in Launceston, Bodmin, Newquay, St Austell, Camborne/Redruth, Hayle and West Cornwall Hospital. Becky trained at Essex County Hospital.


All our Audiologists reached senior level and trained other degree level Audiologists during their practice.


They are regulated by the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists and maintain continued professional development.


Wax removal is just one of their skills, their extensive Audiology background enables them to provide advice on all ear conditions.​

Why Choose Us?​

  • Highly experienced, registered and insured.  

  • Knowledge of all ear aetiologies

  • Experience in complicated ears, including perforations, cholesteatoma and exostosis.

  • Charges per ear

  • Qualified to treat children.

  • Free follow-up if required.

  • Easy parking

  • Friendly, professional service.


We are a small business and understand independent reviews build confidence and trust.  We are proud to say we have a large number of Google reviews across our three clinics, if you'd like to read more or leave a review yourself, please click on the links below.

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