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If you have lost one or both of your ear plugs, don't worry as we keep a digital copy of your individual ear shape on file. You can simply order a reprint. Your reprints will be supplied with acoustic filters but without cord or pouch. Replacement cords and pouches can also be ordered via the shop. All our Pro+ plugs (and reprints) now come with a cord hole as standard; it is does not affect the performance of the plug if used without a cord.


Please note: If you bought your original plugs before November 2022 please be aware that we have slightly changed our manufacturing process on the Pro+ plug. The new version is a very slightly tighter fit. The change has proved popular with customers but if you think your plugs are already a tight fit then let us know in the Original Order Details box on the right of the page - just include the comment “original offset please”.


Unfortunately it is not always possible to print Pro+ Plugs from Pro Plug orders or vice versa. Please get in touch if you want to change products for your new reprint.

REPRINT ORDER: Order here if your original plug was SMP+ (with acoustic filter)

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