Main Products (all prices include a pair of plugs and a handy carry case)

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Surf Mould Pro+

Coldwater surfers have to keep their ears warm and dry or else 'surfers ear' can be crippling in the long term. But wearing plugs can limit your ability to talk to friends in the lineup, or hear the perfect tones inside a deep barrel. Some surfers even have difficulty with their balance when they aren't able to hear. Surf Mould Pro+ plugs overcome these obstacles by allowing you to protect your ears and hear in the surf.

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Surf Mould Pro

These are our standard plugs: custom moulded to give an incredible fit. These plugs are made from a non-allergenic, floatable medical grade silicon. They are really soft and comfortable and yet durable. Their custom fit ensures they keep your ear canal warm and stay fitted even in extreme conditions.

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Junior Mould Pro

Young people are spending more and more time in the sea and we see an increasing number of them with early onset exostoses. We are passionate about prevention and offer Junior Mould Plugs at the same specification as our Surf Mould Pro plugs but at a reduced rate for younger clients. You protect their skin with sun-block don't neglect their hearing and ears.


Once you have had impressions taken, we store a digital 3D version and can reprint custom ear plugs for you. So don't panic if you lose one.


Replacement plugs:


Surf Mould Pro+ = £44 (£79 a pair)


Surf Mould Pro = £35 (£59 a pair)


Junior Mould Pro = £35 (£59 a pair)

Spare acoustic filters - £10 single (£15 a pair)

Cords: £10 added to the cost of a pair.

Due to their custom fit, our plugs rarely fall out whilst in the water. However it does happen and some customers prefer the security of a cord. Cords have also proven useful for customers who wear their plugs at work - lifeguards, instructors etc. Our cords are detachable so you can choose not to use them if, for example, the cord affects comfort when wearing a wetsuit hood.

* Out plugs offer incredible sealing qualities but no ear plug is 100% watertight. It is quite normal to find small amounts of moisture on the inside of the ear plugs. They will still be keeping your ears warm (preventing exostoses growth) and preventing water build up behind existing exostoses.


Hosting Clinics and Other services

We also offer a mobile service and can bring our clinical services to you. If you run a club, a business or just have a group of friends interested in our products then we can come to you. If you would like to host a clinic, have us present to your organisation or have any other ideas, please get in touch via our contact page or social media channels.

Our Senior Audiologists are experts in cold water exostoses but also have a wider range of clinical knowledge. We therefore offer a complete range of hearing protection products too! We can support musicians, construction workers, bikers, shooters and those using communication systems. Sleep plugs and custom sleeves for headphones are also available. Indeed we can assist anyone looking for comfortable and secure custom products for their ears.